About us


The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) is a center with a primary focus on non-credit based community outreach and development activities, as well as complementing UH-Maui College credit-based activities. These activities include the development and dissemination of knowledge and the provision of services to the County of Maui community in various areas of sustainability, particularly renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. Community outreach and workforce development efforts target K-12 and college-level students, teachers and faculty, and community members at-large.

SLIM primarily directs its resources to five focal areas:

  1. Curriculum and practicum development for an Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sustainable Sciences;
  2. Adult continuous education (empowering individuals to develop sustainable solutions to personal, business, and community challenges);
  3. Employee enhancement (sustainability skills development and knowledge acquisition for practicing professionals);
  4. Scholar & Intern Program (“green” workforce development through the acquisition of professional experience and job placement; sustainability focused research undertaken by SLIM supported scholars);
  5. K-12 leadership and outreach (sustainability oriented teacher training and knowledge development, identification of sustainability oriented career pathways, K-12 sustainability curriculum development).

Keep in touch

Email: SLIMinfo@hawaii.edu
Phone: 808-984-3379