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Awahi Wind Internship Opportunity

We have an amazing internship opportunity with Sempra, at Auwahi Wind Farm.  This is the new wind farm starting up in Ulapalakua.  They are looking for one intern to start.  More intern positions may be available in the future.
Here are the details:
Start Date: September 1

Pay: $12/hour
Travel stipend: $.55/mile (figuring round trip from UHMC campus to the Auwahi job site, or from Upcountry home)
($.55/mile is the mileage rate for the University- just a proposal to start with)
Work hours: 2 days/per week ( of your choice), 12 hours/day (subject to change when agreed upon by all parties)
Submit: Application (see attached), resume and one recommendation
Due: No later than 5:00 pm, August 15, 2012
Send to: Melanie Stephens, SLIM Internship Coordinator,

Additional details to consider:
  • The job site is past the Tedeschi Winery, about 45 minutes to an hour from Kahului
  • The conditions are rustic- intern must have a 4×4 vehicle for the unmaintained roads, they use outhouses, it will often be dusty, hot, dirty working conditions
  • There is no cell reception.  If intern needs to be in touch with family members, this will be difficult
  • There is a 1/2 day safety orientation.  Intern will be expected to abide by all safety requirements.  This is their highest priority.  If intern does not, he/she won’t be able to continue the internship.
  • The crew works 12-hour days.  The initial schedule will be to work 2 days per week.  To get the most out of this opportunity, they suggest intern arrives by 7:30 to attend the daily all-staff meetings.  Depending on intern schedule, the days may be increased.  If all works well for all parties, the internship may be extended.
This is a rare opportunity for students to participate in a nationally recognized renewable energy project.  Please consider applying.  They welcome any applicant who has taken a green technologies training and/or is enrolled in a sustainable bachelors or associate degree program at UHMC.  Send applications and address application questions to Melanie.

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