Community Garden

SLIM Community Garden

at UH Maui College

The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui is proud to present our new community garden at UHMC, supported by Community Work Day, the Department of Water Supply, Ulupono Initative, and the Frost Family Foundation! Please join us in learning to grow your own food, increasing food security on Maui, and helping us build greater community on Maui.

We have transformed a drainage basin into a thriving, productive garden on the UHMC campus and a center for learning about food sustainability, rain gardens, home gardening and island food security.


 Garden Goals:

1. Food Security: Increase food security in Maui County.  Food security in Hawaii is of utmost importance to the Maui community as Maui is ~90% dependent on food imports for its food supply

2. Community Empowerment: Serve as a center for faculty and students to grow their own food, learn about sustainable agriculture, and bridge different areas of the community together.

3. Education: Provide students with hands-on tools for learning about sustainable agriculture and how to grow their own food. The garden will be integrated into areas of relevant curriculum.

4. Farm-to-School: Create a pathway for produce to more easily enter into the school food systems to support the health of the students, staff, and faculty.


25 Organic Garden Plots

Available for 6 month lease:

$60 for Large Plot (5′ x 7′ ) for 6 months

$50 for Small Plot (4′ x 8′) for 6 months


All plots have timed irrigation and we can help with getting seeds started, composting and weeding initial plots. All Garden plots are open to college students and staff, as well as people in the community.

To Register for a plot: Call (808) 984-3231


4 Large Communal Plots with Herbs & Other Vegetables:

Communal plots are taken care of by all garden participants and SLIM staff. We grow herbs, bananas, papaya, medicinals and flowers so that plots can be focused on the more common vegetables and ground fruits.


Rain Garden Demonstration Site:

SLIM, in collaboration with Roth Ecological Designs, also has completed a demonstration rain garden which is designed to treat and work with the incoming storm water to the site, recharging more than 270,000 gallons of water per year back into our aquifers instead of running off to our ocean nearby.


Garden Learning:

Throughout the year we also offer free and fee-based workshops on a variety of topics, including edible landscaping, pest management, composting and home gardening for beginners. Visit our SLIM Garden Facebook page for up-to-date events:

Learn more from CTAHR about managing pests and diseases, and cultivating beneficial insects using insectary plants as cover crops in your garden plot.

 Garden Needs:

The garden is always in need of donated items including:

  • Organic Seed, Plant starts & Potting Soil
  • Shovels, Pruners, Trowels & Rakes
  • Shelving, wood, or power tools
  • Wood chipper
  • Work gloves
  • Sunscreen, bug spray
  • Volunteer power – contact us! Email Garden Coordinator, Judy Starbuck,


Garden Location:

On UH Maui College Campus:

The garden is located in between the Kupa’a Building, the College of Agriculture training field, the main campus parking lot, and Wahine Pi’o Avenue, shown by the red box below.

Keep in touch

Phone: 808-984-3379