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Farm Apprentice Mentoring Program

Ready to be a farmer?

The FAM program seeks to train and empower the next generation of family farmers on Maui by providing hands-on training in the fundamentals of permaculture principles, married with Hawaiian cultural farming, and Korean Natural Farming (KNF) techniques. The Phase 1 curriculum includes: Farm planning, including reading your lands features, knowing its water resources, irrigation needs, soil composition and fertility management, propagation techniques like seed saving, weed and pest management practices without herbicides and only certified organic pesticides, and finally, the business of farming which carries over and is intensified in FAM Phase 2.

The program, which is free of cost to the participants, is sponsored by the Maui County Office of Economic Development, Kamehameha Schools-Aina Engagement Program, Lahaina Sunrise Rotary Club, The Savitt Family Foundation and The Atherton Family Foundation, among others.

The classroom trainings and Certificate of Professional Development are offered through UH Maui College, Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM). An online/hybrid option is available for distance participants in Hana and the Westside.

FAM 2018

Photo: FAM Graduation 2018 at UH Maui College

To learn more about Hawaii Farmers Union United and FAM, visit

The next FAM program begins in January 2019, with applications due in November 2018. An orientation will be held in September/October.

For more information, please contact:

Phyllis Robinson,
FAM Program Director

Nicolette van der Lee,Program Coordinator
Office of Continuing Education & Training, Sustainable Living Institute of Maui
University of Hawaii Maui College
Email:  Ph: 808-984-3300

Photo: FAM 2018 graduates with Mayor Arakawa, Council member King, FAM Director, Phyllis Robinson, and  UH-Maui College Office of Continuing Education and Training (OCET) Director, Karen Hanada

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