HNEI Program

Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) Program

Maui Smart Grid and the Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP) Training and Internship Program

SLIM partnered with HNEI to deliver a Smart Grid Energy Efficiency Training and Internship Program in 2012. The combined Smart Grid/HESP training program provided students with training in energy efficiency, building science, and smart grids. Participants gained hands-on experience using state of the art building performance equipment to conduct energy audits and develop an understanding of appropriate technologies and strategies for improved energy performance in Hawaii. It prepared students to take the nationally recognized RESNET Home Energy Survey Professional test. Following the training, students began an internship with the Maui Smart Grid Project and put their skills into action by conducting energy audits on local Maui homes.

To learn more about students who have participated in the Smart Grid/HESP training program, click here.

Evaluation of this program is currently ongoing. For more information on this project, please contact SLIM.

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