Sustainable Strategies

Sustainable Strategies for Hotel & Resort Operations:
An innovative new training program at UH Maui College

Join an immersive training program in sustainability best practices designed for hotel and resort operations. This will include a high-level overview of sustainability rating systems, such as LEED EBOM, Hawaii Green Business Program, Trip Advisor Green Leaders Program, Green Key, and Portfolio Manager. Particular emphasis will be placed on Trip Advisor’s Green Leaders Program and Green Key Rating System to prepare participants to complete an experiential learning project.

Four employees per resort OR three employees per resort and one assigned trainee vetted by the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) will participate in a Sustainable Strategies Team Project supervised by instructors from Green Building Hawaii (30-hrs per participant). Each resort team will produce a baseline analysis allowing participating resorts to identify a detailed path for pursuing a new certification or improving their existing certification under Trip Advisor’s Green Leaders Program or the Green Key Rating system.

  • Topics covered include Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy, Waste, Purchasing, and Education & Innovation.
  • Course includes site visits to 1-2 hotels and resorts on Maui to observe implementations of sustainable strategies (optional if distance is an issue for participants).
  • Final presentations of sustainable strategies team project to resort management teams with recommended next steps for targeted tier.
  • PRE-REQS: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills. Trainees must have had previous training in energy, sustainability, or related job experience.


  • In-class Training, September 30 and October 2, Tue/Thu, 1:00-5:00PM;
    Hotel/Resort Site Visits, Week of October 6, Specific Day TBD, 9:00AM-4:00PM
  • Team Project, 6 weeks, October-November

Participate via Polycom or send your Green Teams to Maui for class and site visits. Green Building Hawaii is also available to visit your property during the course for an additional fee. Please inquire for details.

How to Register

  • SEND YOUR GREEN TEAM. Register at least four employees from Engineering, Marketing, HR, F&B, Housekeeping or Purchasing. TOTAL EST. COST $3900 (4 resort employees at $1,225 tuition per person with $250 ETF discount per person). To apply for ETF, fill out this form and fax to Workforce Development at 808-984-2090 by August 18.
  • OPTIONAL: SPONSOR A SLIM TRAINEE. Resorts are encouraged to send three employees and sponsor one unemployed or underemployed trainee vetted by the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM).
    SPONSORSHIP COST: $4,050 (3 resort employees at $1,225 tuition per person with $250 ETF discount person + 1 full tuition trainee at $1225)
  • Interested in applying as a sponsored trainee? Visit the Sustainable Stategies Trainee page to learn more.
  • To register, contact Nicolette van der Lee, Outreach Specialist,, ph 808.298.4319.

Benefits of Trainee Sponsorship for Your Resort

  • Engage a dedicated trainee/potential employee candidate with relevant training and experience to support your resort’s team in fulfilling the requirements of the training program.
  • Feature your resort in a UH Maui College press release to all major media outlets, a 2-page article in the EdVenture catalog delivered to all households on Maui and logo placement on the EdVenture and SLIM websites.

Instructors: John Bendon, Founder, and Alex de Roode, Director
Green Building Hawaii

Green Building Hawaii is a proven leader in providing sustainability support and expertise to the hotel & resort industry in Hawaii. The company transforms built environments into models of sustainability by delivering consulting and training expertise that optimizes performance and maximizes value. Green Building Hawaii helps commercial and residential building owners, developers, architects, engineers and facility managers to design, build, operate and maintain high-performance buildings and homes.  Their services range from performance testing and energy auditing to taking projects through comprehensive LEED certification.  Working with the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui, they deliver cutting edge trainings based on in-the-field expertise.

Download flyer (PDF).

For more information or to register for the program, please contact Nicolette van der Lee, Outreach Specialist,, ph 808.298.4319.


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