Since early 2010, SLIM has developed and implemented almost 20 new sustainability training programs. As a result of these programs, we have trained over 400 students on Maui, Moloka’i, and Lana’i. Almost all of our programs are tied to nationally recognized certifications. Here’s what our students have to say:


” SLIM is definitively a game changer. When you are passionate about your work your life improves exponentially.  By taking the entry level Commercial Photo-voltaic class at SLIM I was able to pass the NABCEP entry level exam with flying colors. SLIM offered an advanced commercial Photo-voltaic class I took the following summer. And now though participating in the Slim Internship Program I am qualifed to take the NABCEP Installer Exam.  I am amazed at how my life has changed in the last year and a half.   SLIM has  given me the training and experience to start a new career in the Solar Industry here on Maui. After  participating in the SLIM Internship I was offered a full time job with excellent pay and wonderful benefits. I now am honored to be working in the engineering department, of the best company and with the greatest coworkers on the Island.  I feel very lucky to work with a passionate and encouraging team working towards the goal of progressing clean , renewable energy here in Hawaii.  I can not help but smile during my morning commute. I am super stoked when I arrive at RISING SUN SOLAR where I am constantly able to learn and grow and am appreciated for my efforts.  I am extremely grateful for the hard work and encouragement of Jennifer Chirrico of SLIM and my teacher Lyman Morikawa.”


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