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Fall 2013 Sustainability Courses

SLIM will be offering many classes in sustainability this Fall 2013 through EdVenture at UHMC. Registration will open in August. To register for any of the following classes, visit or call 808-984-3231.

Click on each link below to learn more about a specific class:

Fall Term 2013: UHMC SLIM Community Garden

September 9 – 30: Home Gardening for Sustainability

September 18 – 25: [NEW!] Practical Energy Management

September 20 – 21: Small Wind Turbine Design and Installation

October 4 – [NEW!] DIY Energy Dashboards and Energy Reporting

November 4 – 25 – [NEW!] Introduction to Permaculture

November 20 – [NEW!] Simple Composting and Worm Composting






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