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Green Events Workshop offered in November

Are you an event coordinator, business owner/manager, or individual with concern for the environment? This November, the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui with UH Maui Office of Continuing Education & Training is offering a Green Events workshop that aims to give participants the education and resources needed in order to organize events with greatly reduced negative environmental impacts.

The course covers:

  • Introduction to environmental issues affecting the globe and Maui, focusing on the problems associated with single use plastic
  • What is recyclable on Maui and what are the challenges with recycling
  • Introduction to different methods of composting, bokashi, worm composting, aerobic and anaerobic composting, large scale commercial composting, and composting on Maui
  • Introduction to green certifications, such as TRUE zero waste, LEED and FSC, BPI compostable and ASTM compostable
  • Types of compostable products and how they are made
  • Areas of an event that can be reworked to have a lesser environmental impact such as solid waste reduction, energy and water efficiency, green catering, transportation and pollution prevention.
  • Resources available on Maui for sourcing compostable products, recycling, composting, food donations etc
  • Advertising your greening efforts
  • How to conduct a waste audit/ collecting and reporting data

The workshop is led by Ashley O’Colmain, who has been “greening” events for over a year as Program Director for Maui Huliau Foundation.

The workshop runs Tuesdays from Nov 06 to Nov 13, 2018 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm with a $149 fee. To register, visit

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